Troop 3 Bylaws
Troop 3’s Bylaws can be found here: [...]
Advancement Guidelines
Are you submitting a record or request to the Advancements email? Please include a subject line that includes the scout/scouter’s name then copy and paste this in your email along [...]
Cubs to Scouts Transition Presentation
Hello new Cub Scout Parents! Here is our Cubs to Scouts presentation that we presented at our last AOL Pack meeting. [...]
Scouts BSA – Youth Application – 524-406
Click below to download 524-406 – Scouts BSA Youth Application with PDF form fields. Scouts BSA – Youth Application – Fillable – 524-406 [...]
NOVA – Shoot!
Resources for the NOVA Shoot! “Projectiles and Space” content can be found here. NOVA – Shoot – Requirements and Background NOVA – Shoot – Workbook [...]
Organizational Chart & Position Descriptions
Full description: Organizational chart only (PDF):     [...]
New Joiner Resources – Join Scout Night – Troop 3/1003 Overview
New Joiner Resources - Join Scouts Night - Troop Overview [...]
Welcome New Scouts!
Welcome newly minted Boy Scouts from Louisa Cub Scout Pack 183! Trindon B. and Jackson R. [...]