Outdoor Activity URLS, Templates, & Workbooks
Outdoor Activity Tracking Workbook For Scouts and Scouters wishing to track advancements for various activities related to camping, hiking, and backpacking, I have a created a tracking workbook in Excel [...]
Outdoor Ethics Award (and how to earn it)
Scouters, your scouts (and you) can work towards earning the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award. To help scouts and scouters track their progress, you can use my modified 430-063: https://www.bsatroop3.com/scouts-bsa-outdoor-ethics-awards-430-063-modified/.This is [...]
CitiSci (Conservation Good Turn opportunities)
Leaders, here is a great FREE tool that will help you integrate public science projects with Conservation Good Turn opportunities. In 2007, a group of researchers were looking for a [...]
Leave No Trace Youth Educator Library
Leave No Trace education can be fun and meaningful! These free resources come from our most popular curricula. We’re always working on something new, so check back often for fresh [...]
LNT Trainer Tracking
Background: this form was previously used at the Pack and Troop level to assist the Outdoor Activity Coordinators in tracking who is able to assist with teaching LNT principles to [...]
Discover the Forest
Leaders, here is a FREE resource that lets you Discover the Forest. Using a simple “Rainy Day”, “Last Minute Activity”, and “Free Activity” button, you can quickly identify outdoor activities [...]
How to Read Trail Signs, Markers, and Blazes
What Are Trail Markers Used For? Trails just don’t spontaneously appear. They are planned, built and blazed so people can travel safely from trailhead to summit and beyond. The purpose [...]
How to Hang a Bear Bag the PCT Way
There are multiple techniques to hang a bear bag, but when I first learned the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) method, it’s been my favorite option. The PCT method is actually [...]
MyLifeOutdoors – Backpacking Tips, Tricks, Technology, and Thoughts
I’m Steven, a backpacker who is a little too obsessed with gear. I talk about backpacking gear, tips, tricks, technology, ultralight and traditional load-outs, epic trips and more. A little [...]