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- Are you looking for books in the Scout Hut library?

If you are looking for resources in the Troop’s physical library located in the Scout Hut, please visit this link: Troop Library. This list contains the books and resources available for checkout through the Troop Librarian’s Book Buddy app. If you need to check out a resource or if you have any questions about the Troop’s library, please contact the Troop Librarian in person or use the Contact Us option and a Troop adult leader will forward your request to the Troop Librarian.

- Are you looking for resources in the Troop's Google Drive?

If you are looking for resources in the Troop’s Google Drive, please visit this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/shared-with-me. Google Drive contains public materials and extra content that is too large for the website. Be sure to log in with your Troop @bsatroop3.com or @bsatroop1003.com email address.

- Are you looking Merit Badge Counselor resources?

If you are a scout looking for Troop Merit Badge Counselors, please visit this link: https://www.bsatroop3.com/about-us/merit-badge-counselors/.
If you are a Merit Badge Counselor and have curriculum or course content to upload,
you can upload your course content in the Troop Forum under “Scout Hut” here: https://www.bsatroop3.com/forum/. A site login is required which can be obtained from the Webmaster.