Camp Resica Falls – June 30th through July 6th, 2024

Camp Resica Falls

Updated January 20th, 2024


WHO: Troop 3 and Troop 1003, Louisa

WHAT: Summer Camp 2024

WHEN: June 30th – July 6th, 2024

WHERE: Camp Resica Falls – 1200 Resica Falls Rd, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

WHY: Because summer camp is awesome!

Troop 3/1003 is officially registered for the 2nd week of summer camp at Camp Resica Falls in Stroudsburg, PA. Week 2 is from June 30th-July 6th.This is a very diverse camp, and we have never traveled here before for summer camp! Every camper should have the opportunity to attend summer camp, and because of that, we are sending this information out early so that families can plan accordingly.

Introduction to Camp Resica Falls

How to Get to Camp Resica Falls

Important Documents

Sunday Checklist for the Troop Leadership:

  1. BSA Annual Health and Medical Record Parts A, B, & C valid up to, and including, the last day of camp.
  2. Drug Administration Record Forms – 2 copies for each attendee
  3. Unit Medication Storage Release Record
  4. List of Medications – Troop #, Name of Scout, Name of Medication, Time(s) to be administered
  5. Bring copies of receipts for all payments for the camp and activities
  6. Additional roles, responsibilities, and duties are listed in the program guide and will be covered in a special session for camp attendees at a later date.

  1. 2024 Program Guide:
    1. Please read the entire guide. It is full of helpful information!
  2. 2024 Merit Badge Schedule:
  3. 2024 Class Catalog:
  4. ATV Program, COPE, Climbing, & Shooting sports: please see activity-specific information on this page:


You can find the full list of Camp Resica Falls important documents here:

Camp Resica Falls opportunities
  1. AquaticsPool: The pool is located in the heart of camp and is equipped with a three-story water slide that Scouts of all swimming abilities can enjoy
  2. AquaticsLake: Lake Roger is a 27-acre spring fed lake located at the top of Pine Mountain where Scouts can fish, canoe, kayak, sail, and row during daily Open Boating periods.
  3. Resica Rangers: Our first-year camper program, the Resica Rangers is designed to give Scouts a full sample of what Resica Falls has to offer, while learning many of the outdoor skills necessary for ranks Scout through First Class.
  4. Handicraft: The Eibner Handicraft Pavilion brought our crafts program closer to the heart of camp in 2016 and allowed us to expand our offerings with added pottery wheels and kilns.
  5. STEM: The STEM program at Resica Falls is ever-growing with a multitude of merit badges offered in the Great Bend.
  6. Shooting Sports: A full complement of shooting activities are offered at our multiple ranges, including: shotgun, rifle, Cowboy Action shooting, chalkball, archery, action archery, sporting arrows, and tomahawks.
  7. Scoutcraft: Put your outdoor skills to the test at Scoutcraft! Whether it’s building a monkey bridge or whipping up a dish in a Dutch oven, there’s always something exciting happening in Scoutcraft.
  8. Ecology: Our knowledge staff will help you learn more about the local flora and fauna in the world around you, as well as a Scout’s responsibility in the outdoors.
  9. Sports: Scouts keep moving at Resica Falls as they have fun at our human foosball court, blacktop basketball court, GaGa Pit, tetherball poles, and batting cage.
  10. Shop Class: The Shop area camp looks to share these important life skills with Scouts so that they can carry with them throughout their lives, and possibly even pursue a career in one of these areas.
  11. Civics: A key part of Scouting is to prepare Scouts to be good citizens of the world and the Civics area takes this responsibility very seriously.
  12. COPE: Participants climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, and think through solutions to a variety of challenges on their own and as part of a team each morning. In the afternoon, learn to climb to new heights on our Climbing Tower.
  13. ATV: Scouts at least 14 years of age or older have the opportunity to participate in this exhilarating program.
  14. High Five: Are you a Scout 13 years of age or older? Do you enjoy hiking and exploring the pristine Pocono Mountain wilderness that is Resica Falls? Then join our High Five Adventure Club each afternoon to explore the secrets the camp has to offer.


Read more about Camp Resica Falls programs here:

Pre-Camp Swim Classification

We recommend your unit make every effort to complete your swim classification test before your arrival in camp.

OPTION A (At unit Level with approved aquatics resource people): The swim classification test completed at a unit level must be conducted by an individual with at least one of the following certifications: Aquatics Instructor, BSA; Aquatics Supervisor, BSA Lifeguard; certified lifeguard; swimming instructor; or swim coach. When the unit goes to a summer camp, each individual will be issued an official buddy tag under the direction of the Camp Aquatics Director for use at the camp.

OPTION B (at camp): The swim classification test is completed the first day of camp by camp Aquatics personnel.

  Read the full unit-administered or at-camp administered swim test FAQ, including the mandatory unit swim classification record here:


Step 1RSVP by January 25th, 2024:

Step 2January 31st, 2024 – Put down a $50 deposit if you and/or your scout is attending summer camp. Contact the Troop Treasurer for payment options.

Step 3March 31st, 2024 – $100 due per person to register for Merit Badges and Programs. Any scouts not up to date at this point are at risk of being dropped from the registration process. Contact the Troop Treasurer for payment options.

Step 4May 15th, 2024 – Make your final payment (remaining balance). Contact the Troop Treasurer for payment options.

*Note: The Troop Committee is discussing payment plan options for scouts and scouters. Please keep an eye on this section for updates.

Registration FAQ

How to pay: All parents will receive a Square invoice that they can pay online prior to the due date or you can visit the Troop Dues & Fees Portal here: If you choose to pay in full, you will not receive the square link.

Refunds: Fees are refundable until May 14, 2024 less your deposit. After that date, the fees are transferable, but not refundable.

Registration: Any adults accompanying the troop to camp must be a registered leader within the unit with an active YPT training. If you plan on attending camp with the Troop, you will need to be registered with Troop 3/1003 at recharter.

Medical: All scouts and adults are required to have a current physical and completed parts A, B and C of the BSA Medical Form. If your medical form expires before July 6th, 2024, you will be turned away from camp and not allowed to participate. Turn in all completed paper (not electronic) medical forms to the Outdoor Activities Coordinator. You can find form 680-001_ABC here:

Food and Nutrition

“Resica Falls has partnered with a food service management company to provide Scouts and Scouters with a well-balanced and nutritious meal plan – approved by a certified dietitian – for the duration of their stay in camp, beginning with dinner on Sunday. Each meal includes a hot entrée with at least one side; lunch and dinner also include a vegetable. There is a fruit and yogurt bar available at breakfast, and a salad bar at both lunch and dinner, along with daily specialty salad bars at lunch. Peanut butter and jelly with multiple types of bread are also available at both lunch and dinner. Hot and cold drinks are available at twin juice bars located on either side of the dining hall.

“Campers and adult leaders with dietary restrictions can note their individual restrictions with the camp’s food service manager before they come to camp via the form below. We are more than happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions to ensure that campers and leaders have the best dining experience possible.”

  • Breakfast Blue 7:30-8:00 am
  • Lunch Blue 12:45-1:15 pm
  • Dinner Blue 5:30-6:10 pm
  • Breakfast Gray 8:10-8:40 am
  • Lunch Gray 1:30-2:00 pm
  • Dinner Gray 6:30-7:10 pm


You can view a sample menu and find more information about Food and Nutrition here: