Troop 3/1003 visits GoApe! zip-line and high-adventure course

Have you ever wanted to swing from the trees? Do an obstacle course in the air? Zip through the woods as fast as a car? Troop 3 & 1003 recently had the opportunity to do that!

At the beginning of Spring Break, we had the opportunity to go to GoApe! In Williamsburg, VA. After a brief safety introduction, we were able to move onto the obstacles.

  1. Obstacle one consisted of climbing up a ladder to get to the platform and then various obstacles.
  2. Ropes, nets, and tight walks welcomed us throughout the course, and after all the climbing and obstacles, our reward was a zip-line!
  3. The final obstacle, which consisted of five separate platforms, had a Tarzan swing, a tight rope, an up-hill rope climb, a ladder walk, and the longest pipeline at GoApe!


Mr. Ball, our Outdoor Activities Coordinator, had this to say:

One of the coolest things about a GoApe! zip-line and ropes course is the confidence that it builds in a person. Our scouts worked hand-in-hand with each other to tackle physically-demanding obstacles at a high elevation on steel rope the size of your thumb. Watching scouts as young as 12 swing between trees 42 feet up and speed down zip-lines 600 feet long builds their confidence and lets them know that no matter what life throws at them, they are able to take on the challenge. These are the team-building and personally challenging activities that make Scouting a great program for today’s youth and adults.

Troop 3 and 1003 rounded out our afternoon with a picnic lunch and a ride back to Louisa!

Abbi and Mr. Ball both had GoPros to capture the experience. You can find pictures from our awesome afternoon on our Instagram here:

We combined our videos and made this great highlight reel just for you!

Until next time,

Abbi Powell

Troop 1003 Webmaster