Sam Eller, Advancements & Fundraising Chair

Meet Sam Eller, the Advancements & Fundraising Chair for Troop 3 & Troop 1003.

Sam has been a member of Troop 3 & Troop 1003 since 2023.

Q: Sam, what is your background with scouting?
“When I was in elementary school I participated in Girl Scouts.  My brother was a Boy Scout and even though at the time I was not a Boy Scout, I might as well have been. If my brother was at the meeting then I was too, just unofficially of course.  😊  

My son Evan joined Pack 183 in 2021 as a Webelos Scout, so I began bringing him to the Pack meetings. The first time I attended a Pack Committee meeting I got a deeper glimpse at the leadership behind all these Pack meetings that my son had been attending. That night was powerful for me! I saw so much heart and dedication from these leaders and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of an organization with so much heart. I didn’t know what being involved would look like for me, but I became the Pack 183 Popcorn Kernel for the 2022 selling season. 

When my son transitioned to the Troop, I became a Committee Member and the Fundraising Chair. I have held those positions since earlier this year, and I have worked with our leadership to increase our fundraising efforts to ensure we have a Troop in which financial concerns will not prevent anyone from being able to participate in scouting. “

Q: What about your family?
“In fall 2021, my son Evan began his scouting journey as a Webelos in Cub Scout Pack 183. He completed his Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks before bridging over into Troop 3 on February 11th, 2023.  He has currently earned his Scout rank and is working hard on earning his Tenderfoot rank.”

Q: When it comes to training, what are a few of the trainings you have received during your time Scouts?
“During my somewhat short time in Scouting, I have taken IOLS training (Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills) and Wilderness First Aid.  I have also taken the online modules pertaining to fundraising.  In just a few weeks I will be attending Wood Badge and I am really looking forward to this training.”

Q: What are your favorite things about Scouting?
“The friendships and relationships that I have made during my journey are one of my favorite things about scouting! I have heard that you are the 5 people that you hang around the most. When I saw the heart of the leaders in the pack, I knew these were people that I wanted in my circle. Only good can come from surrounding yourself with people who exemplify the qualities I saw that night, and that has definitely been the case.  Being around this type of leadership changes you, but in the best way possible! I don’t think that personal growth is supposed to be this fun!  I also really enjoy being outdoors and camping……except when it’s cold out.  No frost points for me thanks!”

Q: What are a few of your professional achievements?
“I am a board-certified Radiation Therapist and I love the work that I do! I deliver radiation treatments to cancer patients, and I have been doing so since January of 2006. I am currently serving as the Assistant Chief Radiation Therapist at a Cancer Center in Culpeper.”

Q: What do you do outside of Scouting?
“During the week I am mainly working and chauffeuring Evan to his extracurricular activities.  On the weekends I try to balance maintaining my to do list and relaxing. During the summer months you can usually find me in my favorite float out on the lake.  During the winter months you will likely find me playing games with our neighborhood friends or hanging out with friends for Sunday Funday Football.”



Designation: Advancements & Fundraising Chair