Don’t Move Firewood


The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has issued several quarantines to protect the state’s natural and agricultural resources from harmful pests like the spotted lanternfly and thousand cankers disease. As a result, it is illegal to bring firewood into Virginia from quarantined areas without the proper heat-treatment documentation and/or permits.

Some areas in Virginia are already invaded with harmful tree pests like spongy moth and imported fire ant; federal quarantines on these pests further restrict the movement of firewood both out of and within the state. Also, moving firewood from Frederick county and the city of Winchester into other areas in Virginia is restricted due to infestation of the invasive spotted lanternfly. Restrictions apply for the counties and cities infested with thousand cankers disease of walnut as well.

Virginia State Parks recommend the following:

  • Leave your firewood at home
  • Buy firewood at or near the campground
  • Burn all wood before leaving

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