Join Scout Night with Troop 3 & 1003

Join Scout Night at St Jude’s Catholic Church in Louisa was a fun event that we were invited to by Pack 183 to show off what fun Scouts have in Troop 3/1003.

Scouts in Troop 3/1003 explained the different ranks in Scouting, what kind of activities that have to look forward to, and all the fun adventures that we go on. We also have one of our Assistant Scoutmasters, Mr. Brown, show everyone how to launch rockets using a bike pump and water, ASM Slegar pulled scouts around on a boat, and Committee members Mrs. Brown explained religious awards, Mrs, Slegar spoke to all the cub scouts, and our Ambassador of Fun, Mrs. Ball, did a nature craft. Our Scoutmaster, Mrs. Powell manned the Scout table and fielded questions from scouts and parents about joining our troops!

We had a lot of people come, and they all seemed to have a good time. We had so much fun! There are a quite a few pictures showcasing our fun!




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